LA BELLA TEXTILE and FOREIGN TRADE INC. has been established for exporting to many countries in the world priority in the field of textiles and many other sectors with both direct and intermediation with suppliers. At the same time, LA BELLA TEXTILE and FOREIGN TRADE INC. serves as an intermediary between its exporter partners and suppliers and importing companies abroad. One of the most important elements of the economy is export. Our country has been exporting since the foundation of the Republic of Turkey. It is essential for Turkey to make export and to create world-renowned brands for the empowerment in textiles and in many sectors in the world. Foreign trade is of great importance for the Turkey’s economy.

In this context, we are our main MISSION is to contribute to the country’s economy and create new employment areas. LA BELLA TEXTILE and FOREIGN TRADE. Corporate VISION is to act as an intermediary for the development of Turkish exports and the GOAL is to maintain this success in  the coming years.

LA BELLA TEXTILE and FOREIGN TRADE INC. Inc. is managed by a fully professional administrative staff with its coporate structure within its structure, apart from the company, we also works professionally external consultants in the field of law, customs, insurance and personel training with expert in their fields.


LA BELLA TEXTILE and FOREIGN TRADE INC.’s primary principles are as follows:

Always taking care of better wervices of higher quality

Protecting its country and its nation benefit

Ensuring efficient and reliable team work

Adopting transparent and law-abiding working principles

B2B Marketing and Management

Tekstilkent caddesi Koza Plaza A Blok

1.Kat No:4  Esenler/ISTANBUL-TURKEY



Telephone. +90 212 970 0181